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Life is messy. Writing is messy. Homeschooling is messy. This year it feels like everything is messy. But the mess can at times be something colorful and fun. Take our geography project this week: matching the myths we’ve been reading to their countries of origin.

Messy, but also marvelous.

These days, the mess feels like a tidal flow. Just as it threatens to bury me with its surging waves of Legos, board games, and arts and crafts that spill over my dining room table, just as I can’t spread myself any thinner in my combined roles of mama, homeschool teacher extraordinaire, wife, writer, chef, and cruise-director–I find reserves of cached energy and do something about the mess/my mess. Maybe it’s just putting away a basket of laundry or shoving some papers in a drawer so the kitty won’t shred them in the dead of night. Maybe it is something more primal– as inĀ  “I’m going to find the bottom of this coffee table if it takes me all night to do it!” Maybe it’s finding the mental space to play Legos…again. Maybe it’s having a good hard cry because even if it’s low tide now, high-tide is coming again. And again.

This ebb and flow is maddening. Or its joyful. Or its both. And as much as I love to mark and measure incremental progress (that’s right I’m clocking in 1500 gorgeous words on my latest WIP daily. You better believe I have my first draft celebration already planned and circled in my planner! Ah! Control feels good!), steady, dependable just doesn’t work sometimes. Growth spurts are just as natural as steady growth. Dormancy is also totally in nature’s wheel house. So while my messy life is driving me to eat way too many cookies before noon and after, I’m trying really hard to embrace it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

How are you navigating the messiness of 2021? We’ve instituted cookie Fridays (and cookie Mondays and cookie Sundays, and basically any day that ends in a Y). We try to get out for a walk in the sunshine (not always easy to do in winter time), and… I’ve taken to wearing sneakers when the Legos are out.

what do you think?

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