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Inspiration for My Cosplay Escape

Hi Writerly Friends! Do you like #novelaesthetics? I like them so much more than pictures of my face, so feel free to stare a little longer at this one for my ADULT CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC COMEDY: My Cosplay Escape. Written in first person present.

My name is Amelia. My life changed in a big way this year. My lovies were diagnosed with Autism and more. So if you are a mama or daddy of a special needs kiddo, I feel you. If you love someone with a neurodiverse brain, I feel you. If you are trying to adapt to life after the rules changed without your permission, I feel you. If you have lost yourself and your writing time is spent apply for grants and sending formal requests for special education services, I feel you.

This is me.  This is what I look like when I write.

And if you have tips about how to keep pursuing your personal dreams and goals (like writing and publishing fiction) while trying to adapt the neurodiverse needs of your children to a neurotypical world, for the love of cupcakes and hot cocoa, mentor me!

Me when I am not writing. Note the lack of glasses.

Me also. I like food.

After my son was diagnosed, a manuscript spiraled out of me at 2 AM one winter night. I wanted to escape. I felt like a failure. I wished I could have a do-over, because it is so gosh darn true what they say about hind sight. And out of that unique home-brew of emotion (and my closet nerdiness) came MY COSPLAY ESCAPE.

Pitch: Sarah will be mortified, lose her job, and be a 2x college dropout if anyone finds out she is paying for classes by cosplaying at the superhero themed escape room. The problem: her boss/crush at the escape room is also her Econ TA. #Adult #Contemporary #RomCom


Cosplaying as Catwoman at San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t exactly the escape from reality Sarah had envisioned. In fact, Sarah promised herself she’d never cosplay again, not after her misadventure as Spinneret landed her married, then divorced, then living back home with Mom.

At SDCC Sarah meets Adam West McKinny, a vendor and entrepreneur. He offers her a job at his immersive superhero themed escape room. Yeah, no; let’s keep the past in the past. But Adam may be cute enough to make Sarah give it a shot. She could use the money too.

Trying to create a more mature image, Sarah tries to keep the Catwoman cosplay gig a secret from her super conservative family and Adam (who isn’t conservative but clever as fudge and just as yummy).  And there is the fact that Sarah’s lying and skipping work at her real adult job to dress up in tight black vinyl, carry a whip, and okay, maybe flirt with Adam. Mom and the book club ladies would kill her, plus Sarah would lose her real job, and once again have zero funds for going back to school if anyone finds out.

With the extra funds from the cosplay side hustle, Sarah signs up for an Econ 101 class at SDSU, and would you look at that: Adam is her TA. Worlds, alter egos, and fantasies collide in MY COSPLAY ESCAPE. The novel is 75,000 words of contemporary, romantic comedy for a new adult audience. It’s Shannon Hale’s AUSTENLAND meets superhero cosplay. Fans of Casey McQuiston’s RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE, Rainbow Rowell’s FANGIRL or Jen DeLuca’s WELL MET will enjoy it.

More comps? Fans of Sally Thorne’s THE HATING GAME or millennials looking for a new take on YOU’VE GOT MAIL will enjoy it.

I’m a born and raised San Diego girl, who has seen and read her share of superhero movies and graphic novels. I currently live in Boulder, Colorado with my family.


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set in the world of

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Heat rating: My manuscript contains passionate kissing (maybe lots of it) but no sex scenes.

Trigger warning: The subject of miscarriage comes up in my manuscript, and the loss that comes with it. If this is a sensitive subject and not for you, I honor your choice, and I send hugs.

My critique partner: Aspen the Kitty. She’s really good with actionable feedback.

I’ve been revising this novel while hanging out in many waiting rooms, waiting in the car, and staying up late on the weekends. Help me make it better. Because I need this story. I need to fall into a modern day happily ever after where wrongs can be righted. Where the heroine can embrace her mistakes, her faults, her past, and move forward with her life and her love all while wearing a Catwoman costume. I need hearts to be healed. And I need an outlet for my years of reading Batman comics.

Leave encouragement below. Or prove to me that I am the only one who dreams up legit reasons to own superhero/villain costumes with your silence. Kidding. Kidding.

I have entered PitchWars before with a YA Fairy Tale Retelling and a YA Steampunk Fairy Tale Retelling. I had full requests both times. I’ve got a contemporary Christmas Romance that I am working on revising.  And I’ve been published in Chicken Soup anthologies.


  • Keira September 2, 2019 Reply

    I love your pitch and hook! Your story sounds amazing. I’m also so sorry to hear about the stressful time you’ve had this year. My daughter has a learning disability, which is completely different from Autism… I feel for you though, and all you’ve gone through.

  • Delise Torres September 4, 2019 Reply

    I feel you and I completely relate to using writing as a way to escape reality and heal. Your MS sounds great and really funny. I wish you all the best!

  • Theresa Milstein September 5, 2019 Reply

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. I love all your visuals. Good luck!

    • Amelia Hollingsworth November 14, 2020 Reply

      Thanks, Theresa! It’s fun to learn more about visual storytelling and give it a go.

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