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Last year my daughter and I attended the Witches’ Tea Party at the quaint local tea room in our then quaint desert town. People were dressed as wizards and witches. The garden and patio were decorated in festive orange, black and purple sparkle and kitch. Witch hats hung between the twinkle lights. An eclectic mix of fancy china covered each table.

The hosts–a wife and husband team– wore capes and hats and were delighted by the turn out. The husband said, “We only have two months out of the year where we get to play outside like this.”

Play… It was absolutely the right word for the event. Fancy food, plus themed food. Dress up. Some fortune telling. Costume contests.

People like to play. I play “let’s pretend” when I write. And when I approach my writing as play good stuff happens. I feel stress melting out of my fingers. The words come. And probably, definitely, most importantly, I have fun.

The hosts that night could have approached their event as work. I know from the parties I have hosted that there is so. much. that goes into a party. But it was obvious from their smiles and from their flicks of the cape that they were playing too.

How do you play? When was the last time you got out for a play-date?

Have a safe and happy time this Halloween, y’all. And do share your costumes!!!

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