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It is rose season in my little desert town. Tonight I got out for a walk at sunset. And like Beauty’s papa from the fairy tale, I was sorely tempted to steal roses. This rose especially.

It smelled so good. Nothing like an heirloom rose. I could take it and say it was an accident. I was just reaching up to smell it, and I accidentally snapped it off. I don’t know my own strength. I am so sorry. I promise to give it a wonderful home on my table. It will be very happy in my prettiest bud vase.

I almost took it with me.

But bad things happen in fairy tales when roses are taken without asking. So I didn’t take it. I breathed in deep. I took a picture. I walked on and thought about a favorite story from a new (botanical) angle.

Walking never fails to inspire me. I love clearing my head with a quiet stroll. Also love how plots untangle and scenes build themselves into place when I go for a walk. What do you do to push past a block or get the words going?


  • Ona April 23, 2018 Reply

    Popo used to say the only things she was ever tempted to steal were flowers.

    Whenever I’m feeling like I just can’t, in the words of Harry Reid (from an earlier blogpost of yours), I get me to do it. Or I have a complete meltdown.

    • Amelia Hollingsworth April 27, 2018 Reply

      I come by my flower thieving impulses naturally then. Some days I try to get me to do it, and throw a pity-party instead. Harry’s advice is easier to follow the morning after.

  • Candi April 25, 2018 Reply

    I watch sunsets… or sunrises. Sometimes what helps me most is going through an old fashioned bakery. For some reason the smell of fresh bread mingled with cookies is magic to my mind.

    • Amelia Hollingsworth April 27, 2018 Reply

      If only I didn’t know exactly what you are talking about. I had another rejection come my way this week, and a pan of brownies later I am totally fine.

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