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I know for a fact that writers love gifts. And while some gifts (representation, publishing, abundant 5 star reviews) are beyond my abilities, a resource center of well tested goodies for writerly improvement is not.

Last month, I asked some of my writing friends to recommend writing resources for the aspiring/querying writer. They had some good ones, and I’ve enjoyed researching them. I share them below, and hope they inspire you to conquer your 2018 writing goals.

Recommended Resources for Writers

Arianne Costner, talented MG Author and a 2017 PitchWars Mentee, recommends Writing Irresistible Kidlit by Mary Kole. And when in doubt, Arianne is a big fan of googling. As am I, Arianne!

Catherine Bakewell, amazing YA/A Author, artist, and Instagram-adopted niece, is a champion of chapter summaries. When it comes time to edit your book, start with summarizing each chapter into two or three sentences. Keep a careful eye on plot and character development. These brief summaries will be more than telling; they will illuminate pacing, plot holes, and the loose ends. Cat is also a fan of QueryTracker and Manuscript Wish Lists. Both very useful. Many thanks, Cat!

Kelly Coon is the YA Author of a very soon to be titled Fantasy due out in Fall 2019 from Delacorte/Random House. Eeep! An editor and once high school English teacher, Kelly is now Repped by Kari Sutherland.  Kelly recommends K. M. Weiland as a go to for all things character arc, plotting, and everything in between. Kelly loves that Weiland is analytical and detailed oriented. She uses popular and relevant examples (yay!). Kelly used Weiland’s story structure to plot her YA debut. Fall 2019 can’t come fast enough, Kelly!

Luke Hupton, brilliant YA Author, is repped by Lauren MacLeod at The Strothman Agency. Luke is a 2017 PitchWars Mentee and a huge fan of Susand Dennard’s website. Luke told me she has amazing resources, and he wasn’t kidding. Planning your novel, revising your novel, and facing the fear in writing were just a few of the topics that caught my eye. Luke believes that writings is about empathy and understanding what it means to be human. He listens to and loves the podcast Dear Sugars by Cheryl Strayed as a source of inspiration and understanding. Well done, Luke!

And I have recommendations too! Grace Burrowes’s Twelve Tweaks to Perk Up Your Prose has useful, practical tips that work across genres. Good writing is good writing. Examples of good writing are even better.

The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression is a boon in the “show don’t tell” era of writing. What do people look like when they are jealous? How about when they are filled with dread. For a writer who gets stuck in a rut with her character’s ticks, this book is my new best friend.

Platforms, blogging and the marketing side of the writing business is something that I am slowly (as in my-son-getting-ready-for-bed-slowly) learning about. To that end I  enjoy the Learning with Leslie Podcast. Is it a perfect fit for what I am trying to do? Hah! Is it fun to listen to and have I learned some goodies? You betcha!

What have I missed? What writing resources can you not live without?


  • Ona January 24, 2018 Reply

    First, those bookshelves are gorgeous. I have bookshelf envy. Second, what a nice thing you’ve done for your writing buddies! So cool.

    • Amelia Hollingsworth January 26, 2018 Reply

      I am lucky. Writers are the most generous people in the world. Always willing to help out an aspiring writer/author. And I have very cool writing buddies.

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