I have a pretty name!

Y’all, Christmas came early to my inbox. (No. This is not a how-I-got-my-agent story. No. I have no news about a book deal.) This morning I had mail from the lovely and talented illustrator, Alisa Coburn. My logotype was finished!

And I love it!

Illustrators are amazing people, amazing storytellers, and masters of details.  I enjoy following several on Instagram. This June I started following Alisa’s account, and it was just something about her whimsical style. It spoke to me. It wasn’t long until I reached out to her about art for my website. I was in luck. And Alisa was amazing.

I decided to treat myself to a logotype (sassy peacock + my name in pretty letters). Alisa sent me six sketches to choose from. Choosing was almost impossible. I asked my family for input and everyone like something different. I went with my favorite, which was also the sketch that Alisa felt would work best with color.

And have I mentioned that I LOVE it?

So. No. I did not draw this myself. I paid a professional to do it. Her name is Alisa Coburn. She’s incredible. No. This does not mean I have sold any of my books (yet). It’s just me celebrating and enjoying my journey.

What are y’all celebrating this season? Or if you have any questions about my experience working with an illustrator. Leave a comment below.

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