Autumn Expectations


It’s fall, y’all. And that means… That means _The Holidays_ are coming. And those bad boys trigger a lot of competitive homemaking and unrealistic expectations for cheery holiday perfection on my part. And this year, for reasons unknown, my crazy has started early with autumn. I’m leaving no Fall Bucket List unpinned and no pumpkin recipe un-gawked.

Oh, Pusheen! You understand me so well. 

The expectation and the reality seldom match up for me. But even so this fall I have all kinds of expectations for epic family memories. Beautiful food. Beautiful weather. Beautiful family pictures. Beautiful everything. Fall means that my dreams of picture-perfect-domesticity will finally come true. Right?

Fall means I can expect a beautiful home filled with charming DIY crafts that me and my children make together with minimal mess and little hands willing to pitch-in in the clean up effort. It means healthy and delicious dinners and baked goods that are so effortless, it’s actually fun to be in the kitchen again. It means more bike rides that will obliterate weight gain. It means perfection… It means that I will feel like I live in Stars Hollow. Even though I live in the Mojave Desert.

Nope. Not a chance. Let’s make a cup of peppermint tea and laugh out loud. But it does mean cozier nights. Holidays my littles will enjoy. Pumpkins for days…weeks. And a smattering of kitchy, but well-loved seasonal decorations. Happy bike rides (that have no discourse with my bathroom scale whatsoever). It means baking and cooking with a lot of pumpkin (and cream and sugar). It means good, but never perfect things.

My expectations for myself and my life seldom match reality. But sometimes… Sometimes something happens, something changes, and reality surpasses and exceeds all my expectations.

Sometimes it happens when we adventure someplace new. Hint: Fall is an excellent time to enjoy the Giant Sequoias. Sometimes (mostly through reading, revising, and befriending benevolent muses) I reach a writing milestone and my proud-of-me cup overflows. Sometimes a lovely day with happy kids and happy hubs blindsides me and I’m in the right frame of mind to savor it.

What in life has exceeded your expectations? When do your expectations get out of control? And what do you do to manage them?


  • Ona October 1, 2017 Reply

    I’ve never been an expectations kind of woman. I think that got trained out of me young. (I mean, okay, I expect the power to work, the car to run, etc.) What I have now are more on the order of desperate hopes/total fantasies: clean house, pre-pregnancies clothes fitting again, that sort of thing.

    But stuff that exceeds expectations?

    Travel. Going places as a tourist, especially abroad has literally never disappointed me. Not once. Exceeds expectations every time. Every time.

    How much cooler and better my kids are than me. They totally exceeded anything I thought could come from my uterus.

    How much I love my job. Totally didn’t see myself as professionally successful AND happy as a kid.

    Living with a nice kitty-cat. Exceeds expectations!

  • Amelia Hollingsworth October 25, 2017 Reply

    Not to disparage the awesomeness of their mama, but your kids are the bomb.

    I wonder if expectations is another way of describing happiness. Maybe “exceeding expectations” is another way of describing delight. And there are smaller moments that bring me delight consistently. Using my bike as a means of transit: delight! Watching my kiddos learning something new (certain little boy is starting to read): delight! Flowers and growing pretty things in my home or garden: delight!

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